School Libraries Fostering Children's Literacy and Literature Learning: Reviewing Literature in Context of Pakistan


  • Ismail Agha M. Phil. Scholar, Department of Library & Information Science, University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan Author
  • Ishrat Bibi Independent Researcher Author


school libraries, literacy promotion, literature review, literature learning, status of libraries


This study systematically reviews the literature on the role of school libraries in promoting reading habits among students in Pakistan. The review analyzes various research articles from the last two decades to assess how school libraries contribute to enhancing literacy and fostering a reading culture in Pakistani educational settings. The literature encompasses empirical studies, case studies, and theoretical articles that explore different aspects of school library functionality, including resource availability, librarian roles, technological integration, and the libraries' overall impact on students' academic achievement and reading habits. Special attention is given to identifying challenges such as funding, training, and resource management that hinder the effectiveness of school libraries in Pakistan. The findings aim to offer a comprehensive understanding of the current state of school libraries in Pakistan and suggest strategies for their improvement to better support the educational development of students. Through this review, the study provides valuable insights into the potential of school libraries as pivotal educational tools in developing countries.




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School Libraries Fostering Children’s Literacy and Literature Learning: Reviewing Literature in Context of Pakistan. (2023). Journal of Childhood Literacy and Societal Issues, 2(2), 41-48.