Vol. 2 No. 2 (2023): Journal of Childhood Literacy and Societal Issues (JOCLSI)

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JOCLSI serves as a critical forum for exploring the inter connectedness of childhood literacy development and the complex societal issues that shape children's lives. We aim to promote understanding of how literacy practices, policies, and experiences are influenced by and contribute to larger social, cultural, political, and economic forces. JOCLSI welcomes original research articles, theoretical essays, critical reviews, and methodological reflections that address the intersections of childhood literacy and societal issues. JOCLSI values diverse and rigorous methodologies, including qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, critical discourse analysis, and historical research. We encourage innovative approaches that explore the complexities of the field and foster interdisciplinary dialogues. JOCLSI is aimed at researchers, educators, practitioners, policymakers, and students from various disciplines who are invested in understanding and improving the lives of children through literacy education. We invite submissions from diverse geographical regions and theoretical frameworks, fostering a vibrant and inclusive scholarly community. JOCLSI is committed to open access, making all published articles freely available online to ensure widespread dissemination of knowledge and promote scholarly exchange on vital issues impacting children's literacy and well-being.

Published: 2023-12-01